Active CRMs in good standing are invited to apply for candidacy to a Board of Regents position. CRAs are not eligible to serve on the Board Regents. For more information on terms and time commitment, please click here.

President-Elect/Treasurer (2022-2024)

  • The President-Elect/Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and serves as custodian of funds, securities, and any other financial assets. He/she is in charge of all financial matters as provided in the by-laws and responsibilities outlined below. Acts for the President in his/her absence, and assumes the office of President, if the President is unable to fulfill the duties of the office. He/she will serve a three-year term: The first year as President-Elect/Treasurer, the second year as President, and the third year as Chair of the Board

Regent, Examination Administration and Grading (2022-2023) 

  • Reports to the President. The Regent, Exam Administration and Grading (REAG) is responsible for all activities related to administering and grading the exams including grader selection and supervision. The REAG receives feedback from candidates who are unsuccessful in passing Part 6 as well as appeals for review of grading of Part 6 exams. The REAG supports the RED for exam development needs.

Regent, Legislation and Appeals (2022-2023)

  • Reports to the President. The Regent, Legislation and Appeals (RLA) is responsible for the appellate process. The RLA manages all candidate appeals related to the exam in conjunction with the Appeals Committee. In addition, he/she reviews updates to the website, updates organizational procedures and By-laws as directed by the Board.

To Self-nominate:

  1. Log in to your ICRM account and complete the online Member Application for Election to the Board of Regents here: https://www.icrm.org/board-application (log-in required).
  2. Questions may be directed to Paula Sutton, CRM, IGP, FAI, Chairman of the ICRM Board of Regents at admin@icrm.org. 
  3. The ICRM Elections Committee will confirm eligibility for all nominees.

ICRM 2021 Nominations and Election Timeline

July 14 – Announcement of open Board of Regent positions emailed to members and posted to the ICRM website.

August 10 – Nomination period closes and all applicant materials must be received by the ICRM Chairman by this date. A confirmation email will be sent to applicants; however, it is the member’s responsibility to confirm that their materials have been received.

August 13 – Nominees will be notified of candidacy. Photos and answers will be posted to the ICRM website for member review through the close of the voting period. 

August 23 – Election ballots are distributed electronically to the membership. 

September 10 – Election closes.

Election results will be announced by September 22, 2021

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