From Document Management to Launching a Tech-only Knowledgebase

July 28th, 2021

My background is document imaging, document and records management. I have been a reseller of numerous industry solutions, have utilized many software and hardware technologies for my business and service bureau, and consulted companies and government agencies on their business processes.

My experience started with Laserfiche in the early ’90s, and since that time, I have worked with Liberty Information Management, Hyland OnBase, Upland Filebound, M-Files, PsiGen, Kofax, Knowledgelake.

I am a CRM and have remained active in ARMA and AIIM.

I have always enjoyed learning and experiencing new solutions and technologies. I created my tech-only knowledgebase site,, to help those involved in business technology.

I did a lot of research to build my site and found a knowledge base solution called Document360. That is what our site is using. Our IT Services marketplace,, uses Sharetribe, which is a marketplace application. There are so many innovative products out there that help someone like me that is not a developer.

In my opinion, it is essential to have expertise in a particular area, i.e., document and records management, but also know about connecting technologies like databases, integrations, software as a service, data storage, data privacy, and security. That is where I feel my knowledge base has value. You can learn and read content on your area of expertise and interest and stay up on what is going on in business technology.

Technology changes so fast, and having one place to read the latest innovations, news and find out about webinars, training, and tech careers is the goal of my knowledge base.

Debby Kruzic, Founder of and

President of Records and Data Management, Inc.

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