Webinar: Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Your Business via the ARMA Dallas Chapter on February 9 at 11:45 AM Central

Registration closes Monday, February 8th at 3:00pm

Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Your Business – I’ll Tell You How

“Companies generate thousands, if not millions of documents per year. I will discuss how a type of AI known as Natural Language Processing can help manage these documents. From automatically summarizing the content, to finding keywords, to translating the documents to speech, and much more. Suddenly, this massive volume of documents is no longer so daunting and can be processed electronically without employees spending hours on end doing this work manually!”

Speaker:  John Pace

John Pace is Senior Data Scientist at Knotch. He has a PhD in Quantitative Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington. He works in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with a specialization in Computer Vision.


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