ICRM Announces its Newest Specialty Designation: CRM/CIGO

On October 1, 2020 the Institute for Certified Records Managers announced its newest Post Certification Specialty Designation, the CRM/CIGO.

The new CRM/CIGO certification process includes a training and testing program that is 100% online. The training is a master class in Information Governance (IG), followed by a week of study, and the CIGO certification examination. CRMs may enroll in the program at special rates beginning October 16, 2020 through June 1, 2021; and pay no application fee or CIGO membership fee.

The CRM/CIGO certification application will be on the ICRM.org website starting October 16, 2020. When a CRM applies for the CRM/CIGO, a discount code will be provided.  Then registration for the training and examination will occur on the CIGOA.org website. The discount code for the training and examination will be applied at checkout.

CRM/CIGO certification will follow ICRM rules and procedures. CRM yearly membership fees are not increased due to the CIGO certification, however, an additional 20 CMPs in the IG discipline will be required per five year cycle and will be prorated on an annual basis.

Please access the press release here: https://www.icrm.org/CIGOA_ICRM 

For more information related to the CRM/CIGO certification, please contact ICRM Business Office at (877) 244-3128 http://www.icrm.org

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Cheryl Pederson, CRM, FAI
Board Liaison
ICRM Strategic Alliance Committee

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