Webinar: Connecting Privacy & Ethics to Business Value – Doing Well by Doing Right on 10/13 at 1:00PM Eastern

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

Featured Speakers:

Brenda Barnhill, JD, LL.M. – Director & Consulting Specialist at Access

Steve Neilly, CRM – President, Consulting Services at Access

Privacy laws aren’t just arbitrary legal impositions. There are moral and ethical aspects inherent in each decision.

Understanding these ethical underpinnings can not only help compliance efforts but even increase greater organizational buy-in and acceptance.

Connecting Privacy & Ethics to Business Value – Doing Well by Doing Right will show you how understanding the “why’s” of a privacy program can be invaluable in tackling the “hows” and “whats” for stakeholders across the organization. Join this session to:

  • Understand how the roots of privacy law can shape your organization’s privacy initiative
  • Learn to demonstrate how your business operates ethically with respect to privacy to customers and partners
  • Hear why you should be placing more value on the importance of privacy law in a business context


Update: The registration link has been corrected to this link: https://learn.accesscorp.com/webinar-privacy-ethics.html

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