Book Review: The Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Information Universe

In the latest book from well known RIM and IG writer, speaker, and author, Randolph Kahn, he hits home what executives need to know about the information universe. The book also benefits, lawyers, students, IG professionals, small business owners, non-profit entities, and anyone leading an organization. Randy and co-author Eugene Stavrou break down their book into 20 “rules”.

  1. Learn from Tranformative Movers
  2. Be a Transformative Mover
  3. The Days of Companies “Controlling” Their Information Are Over
  4. Know the Building Blocks
  5. Your information Universe is Chaos
  6. Executives Must Create a Governance Culture to Protect Information
  7. Monetize Information
  8. Information Changes Over Time
  9. Storage is Not Cheap
  10. Know the Expanding Legal and Regulatory Landscape
  11. Bridge Worlds and Navigate Conflicts
  12. Build and Support a Compliance Culture
  13. Empower Your Organization to Unlock Answers
  14. Treat Privacy Like Your Company’s Reputation Depends on It
  15. Information Security: Protect the Crown Jewels
  16. Introduce Transparency into Your Information Sources
  17. Manage the Expanding IoT Data Universe
  18. The Rule of Yes
  19. Bring Your Own Device
  20. See the Challenge as Both Proactive and Reactive

Each section has an Executive Takeaway, Background, Business Implications, and Legal Implications allowing a reader to skip to a rule that may apply to them.

This book is rich with information. The writers put a modern twist on traditional RIM and IG matters with real-world scenarios and solutions to bring the reader up to speed on navigating the Information Universe.

Noteworthy rules worth rereading are rules 2, 4, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 18, and 20. At 168 pages, this books makes for an easy reference and gift to a busy executive.

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