ARMA brings in AI expert to keynote InfoCon2019

It’s easy to think that artificial intelligence (AI) is overhyped or murky or even scary, but info pros who resist this transformational technology will do so at their own peril. AI is already having a profound impact on the world of RIM and IG, and it’s already altering the work of many info pros, often to their gain. In this ARMA InfoCon keynote, Alan Pelz-Sharpe will demystify the topic of AI, explain what it can and cannot do, and tell you how to leverage it to your advantage. Pelz-Sharpe is the founder of Deep Analysis, which provides research and advisory services on marketing, technology, and more. To learn more about ARMA InfoCon 2019, which takes place Oct. 21-23 in Nashville, visit the conference web page.
Visit the conference site for more information, check out the updated education schedule and register here today!
SOURCEARMA International
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