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IG GURU and Listserv users,

Last week marked an end to a long journey of migrating and preserving the RECMGMT-L listserv from the University of Florida to IG GURU.  We are very grateful to the University for hosting RECMGMT-L for the past 20 years for free. Did I mention they hosted us for free?  For the past 20 years Marc Wolfe and I have served as the listadmins, Marc as the technical admin, myself as the public face. We operated with an easy hand on the tiller. Major kudos and thanks go out to Andrew Ysasi, IG GURU, and their sponsors for providing a home for the list and our community.  While the Listserv technology is no longer used, IG GURU provides several forums as well as hand-picked articles pertaining to our industry and profession. I will continue to support and help IG GURU deliver industry news and provide a community for RIM and IG While Marc has quietly slipped into retirement. Andrew and IG GURU are committed to being the official “watering hole” for our industry, and I’m excited to see where the community will go and to know the Listserv will live on.

The old Listserv can be found at the top of the toolbar at IG GURU or this link.  The old Listserv is for research purposes only, so if you want to contribute to the community, visit the IG GURU forum here.

Peter K.

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  1. Thank you Peter and Marc for your years of service to us. You spent many hours keeping us in the know, your dedication is appreciated. I hope Marc is enjoying retirement, and I look forward to reading posts from Peter. (Posts from Peter, that could be the title of your feed)

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