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Facebook $5 billion fine is the “Sarbanes Oxley for Privacy”

FTC Commission Noah Phillips states the Facebook fine is "Sarbanes Oxley for Privacy" per the IAPP article. Will this change how...

Logic Bomb used by Contractor at Siemens by Hacker News

The Hacker News has reported how a contractor used a logic bomb in a spreadsheet and why... Read Story...

Listserv archive now on IG GURU

IG GURU and Listserv users, Last week marked an end to a long journey of migrating and preserving the...

Equifax breach and will pay $575 million

Articles related to this news can be found here: IAPP Denver Post Fortune

ICRM 2020 Election – Call for Nominations

2020 Open Board of Regent Positions Active CRMs in good standing are invited to apply for a Board of Regent Position. CRAs...

IT role change results in deleted files and jail time for one man per...

Shifting your tech to outside suppliers? Maybe lock down systems first.