ARMA looks to attract Millennials

ARMA’s Chapter Connection by James Zimmerlin, CRM, CA recently encouraged ARMA chapters to market to Millennials. ARMA recognizes they have an aging membership demographic, and that it is important to attract students and young professionals, not only as members, but as chapter leaders. Below are some ways James recommends ARMA chapters can attract Millennials.

1. Networking. Chapter activities provide opportunities to create and build new personal and professional connections.

2. Getting Education. Getting access to and taking advantage of the chapter’s professional resources and education programs enable professional development and build a foundation for career growth. In today’s social media era, millennials want to establish their brand, so promote how becoming chapter leaders can help them develop their brand.

3. Learning Skills. Most millennials want to be able to build on their knowledge, skills, and abilities; serving in chapter leadership roles offers great opportunities to add these to their resumes.

4. Finding Jobs. Every young professional wants gainful employment. Participating in and leading chapter groups and activities provide many opportunities to build leadership skills, find mentors and mentees, and develop professional relationships and references.

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Permission to post via ARMA Int’l’s Liz Icenogle, CAE.

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