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ARMA updates their take of the Information Lifecycle

While the term document management has seemed long forgotten or generalized, ARMA has breathed fresh new life into how document management can...

How to Create an Effective Cybersecurity Routine

by James Daily When it comes to your business security and company safety, there’s currently nothing more important than...

6 Cases to Know From the Past Year in Electronic Records Case Law

At the 2019 MER Conference, Sedona's Ken Withers and former federal judge Ron Hedges dove into some of the most interesting—and inexplicable—cases from the past year in e-discovery and electronic records.

Death of a Sentencer: A Records Manager’s Lament

At its most fundamental, the job of a professional records and information manager involves being able to sentence records for destruction. There have been many occasions when the frustrations and challenges of the job have left me wondering that I was the one being sentenced. So, you think the basic job of cleaning up information isn’t deadly work? Here’s proof. First there are the physical challenges. When you’re up a ladder in the vault, moving stuff around on the top shelf of the compactus and the shelving starts to give way. You will hear me scream, I promise!

What if the internet stopped working for a day?

Jeff Hancock likes to give his Stanford University students weekend assignments that let them experience concepts discussed in class for themselves. Before 2008,...

4 ways to gain ground in the journey toward NARA compliance

BY JOHN PELUSO MAY 07, 2019 In 2011, President Barack Obama signed a memorandum requiring federal agencies to...