Book Review: Information Governance for Healthcare Professionals: A Practical Approach

Robert Smallwood’s latest book on Information Governance is part of the HIMSS book series.  The book is titled: Information Governance for Healthcare Professionals: A Practical Approach.  Some of the highlights of the book are:

A lot of Sedona Conference references.  The Sedona Conference brings a lot of legal and IG minds together to provide best practices and direction on IG programs.

Referenced to Infonomics that brings a new and fresh perspective on how health information can be profited from responsibly.

There were multiple IG frameworks referenced, numerous examples on how IG impacts the healthcare vertical, and reinforcement of an executive sponsor or senior manager backing IG initiatives.

There is an “advice from the field” section that provides valuable insight, and there are legacy archives and modern regulatory references, such as GDPR made.

ISBN-13: 978-1138568068

ISBN-10: 1138568066

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