Webinar: GDPR and its Impact on Info Management & Governance

It’s now 10 months since GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went live, and you may have asked yourself: 

  • Was I ready?   
  • What DOES readiness really mean?  
  • What’s happened since it went live?
  • Have there been fines, and have businesses changed?  
  • Does GDPR really impact stored information or information managed by vendors?  

With even more compliance regulations coming in 2020, like CCPA and LGPD, sustaining readiness for the ever-growing momentum of data privacy becomes an even bigger challenge.   

Join Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Evangelist at IBM, for an educational look into the current state of GDPR, its influence on privacy regulation, and how you can prepare for the near and future term to ensure your Information Management and Governance programs are:

  • Secure, with minimal risk
  • Scalable for growth
  • Optimized and prepared


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