i-Sigma Board Adopts New PRISM International Mission Statement

After many iterations and considerable wrangling, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved a new Mission Statement for PRISM International.
“The mission statement of any organization serves as the filter by which the Board determines the merits of its efforts,” say i-SIGMA Co-Chair Christopher Jones. “As a result, it deserves considerable thought and a broad consensus. It wasn’t easy, but we are confident we hit the mark.”
The new PRISM International mission statement: “To champion proper security, compliance, and information governance as it relates to information life-cycle management by promoting customer best-practices using qualified service providers.”
At the same time, the board approved a Mission Statement for i-SIGMA, which reflects its role as an umbrella organization for specialized information management disciplines.
The new i-SIGMA mission statement: “To advance secure data life-cycle management, security, and information governance globally by service providers and their customers through advocacy, education, and standards enforcement.”
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