IG GURU® and Inside the Records Room Partner In Delivering News Related To The IG and RIM Industries

Press Release

December 12th, 2018

IG GURU® and Inside the Records Room Partner In

Delivering News Related To The IG and RIM Industries


IG GURU® recently took responsibility for the RIM Listserv community.  They have expanded the forum into multiple sub-forums to include news, events, jobs, and a marketplace.  Their vendor friendly approach has garnered sponsorships, and their headline news reaches approximately 10,000 people.  “I’m beyond excited to be working with Ray and Jeff.  Their commitment and passion to the industry is undeniable, and I look forward to participating in their shows”, says Andrew Ysasi, President of IG GURU.

Inside the Records Room, a weekly radio/internet talk show has been broadcasting for 12 years.  They have kept tabs on the IG and RIM community and provided their listeners with ongoing industry updates and advice every week;  seeing many changes in our profession over that time.  You can visit their site https://www.insidetherecordsroom.com/.   “IG GURU has modernized a medium that we all relied on the Listserv, and we are honored to have Andrew be a quarterly guest voice on our show.  He brings a dynamic personality and a passion to the table which compliments Jeff and I.  We look forward to how he will keep our show focused on current day issues, while also looking at our future”, says Ray Davis, President of Inside the Record Room.

The partnership of IG GURU and Inside The Records Room is the perfect complement to bringing education and knowledge of the IG and RIM Industries to the masses; both nationally and internationally.

Visit https://www.igguru.net and visit their forum to sign up for an account.

Visit https://www.insidetherecordsroom.com to listen to their show and sign up for their e-newsletter to receive show notifications and highlights.



  1. This is great news. Andrew, Ray and Jeff will no doubt have some fun. Having been a guest on ITRR several times with Ray and Jeff, and I also worked for Andrew for a few years, it’s great to see that you all got together for this.

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