ICRM creates bookstore on Facebook

ICRM has recently created a “Book Store” on Facebook.  The “Book Store” is a way to buy, swap or share RIM publications between candidates or members.  As a CRM you may have publications that you do not use routinely that may be helpful to a CRM or CRA candidate.  ICRM is not selling the publications and any transaction would be between the candidate and/or members.  Following is a description of the site placed on Facebook.
The privacy setting is currently a “public” “buy and sell” group. This means that anyone is able to search for and see the group name, description, membership, and posts. All Facebook users will also be able to request to join the group. Only accepted members will have the ability to post within the group. Items for sale can be posted by approved group members with the price of the items for sale shown (in US dollars).  Here is a link to the store: https://www.facebook.com/groups/289027131826658/?source_id=264695673568974
We hope you find this helpful!
John Krysa, CRM/FED
ICRM President
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