Welcome Listserv Members!

Welcome Listserv Members!

Welcome to IG GURU – www.igguru.net!

Peter, Marc, and the founders of the Listserv did a fantastic job providing a community and forum for industry professionals.  My sincere thank you for all the work they did for us!  Whether you joined the Listserv for news, jokes, job announcements, or for educational information, I hope you had as rewarding of an experience as I did following the Listserv.

My name is Andrew Ysasi. I’ve worked in the industry since 2007, and I’ve spent time volunteering for ARMA and the ICRM.  I work full-time as the Vice President at Kent Record Management, Inc., so like Peter and Marc, I will be watching IG GURU when I have time like they did with the Listserv.  IG GURU wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, so if you recognize anyone who works at a sponsor thank them.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, let me know!

At IG GURU, you will experience much of what you experienced on the Listserv.  Daily news updates, a forum to post questions, or watch and keep a pulse on what is going on in our industry.

So, what’s new?  IG GURU is more than just an email list like RECMGMT-L:

  1. News – News gets pushed out daily, and we have talented IG professionals who provide excellent articles! You can receive news via email, app notifications, or RSS feeds.
  2. Subscribe – As a subscriber to RECMGMT-L a link to IG GURU will be emailed to you, or you can sign up on IG GURU. Just like with RECMGMT-L you subscribe using your preferred email address, and if you want to post on the forum, you can use the same email you subscribed with to create an account.
  3. Forum – We have a forum where you can post entries and follow the conversation. We have a General, Jobs, Events, and Marketplace forum.
  4. WordPress – You don’t need a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account to join us! Our site is GDPR compliant, and we operate on the WordPress platform.
  5. App – Once you are subscribed, you can download the WordPress app on your iPhone or Android device and follow updates on our site, post, and get notifications. You can control how notifications are pushed to you on the site and through the app.
  6. Listserv Archive – A copy of the Listserv will be on our site! When the RIM Listserv goes away from the University of Florida, the archive has a Google Custom Search Engine to make searching easier
  7. Sponsors – We have sponsors from academia, associations, and vendor partners who are dedicated to ensuring there is a vibrant IG community. Sponsors to date include:
    • Access
    • San Jose State University
    • CSR
    • Vital Record Centers (VRC)
    • Polygon
    • Record Nations
    • MER Conference
    • National Record Centers (NRC)
    • Interstate
    • Risk Strategies
    • Kent Record Management
    • Admovio
    • InfoGov World Magazine

We look forward to your contributions on IG GURU, and we are happy to house the Listserv community.  If you are going to ARMA 2018, I hope to have pins and swag to help promote our community!  Look for Peter and me walking the expo floor!



President | IG GURU

Vice President | Kent Record Management

igguru@pm.me | @1gguru


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