ARMA Opens Registration for ARMA Live! 2018


Welcome to ARMA Live! 2018

The Prime Event for Information Professionals to Connect, Learn, and Shape the Profession

Anaheim, California | October 22 – 24, 2018

The benefits and risks of an organization’s critical information assets are widely acknowledged, but how to harness that benefit and appropriately mitigate that risk continue to be real challenges for most organizations. There is a current and urgent need to ensure programs and solutions are designed to address the full life cycle of information in a comprehensive way. Where can an information professional turn for the most credible and authoritative education, solutions, and technologies? To ARMA and ARMA Live!

The networking opportunities and education sessions here will educate, empower, and embolden you so that you can make a greater, more positive difference in your organization and community.

“ARMA Live is the best bang for the buck over any conference in the industry. The education, networking and diversity of attendees coming from different industries makes this event the best I’ve attended.”

 Amanda H.

Last year, ARMA Live! attendees were re-energized and emboldened as Agents of Change. Agents to their own career, their organization, and ultimately the world. This year, ARMA’s Agents of Change will put that same energy into action as they harness the strategic power of information. 
Information is fast becoming the most powerful tool in an organization’s arsenal. Just imagine: with integrated best practices, information has the power to innovate the way we do business, inform generations to come, and positively impact the world. As the super heroes and gate-keepers of information, attendees will learn from, and with, their industry peers, their segment counterparts, and those experts at the forefront of this profession.


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