ICRM Releases Spring 2018 Newsletter

June 18, 2018

President, John C. Krysa, CRM
Dear Fellow Members of ICRM,

The ICRM Board held its spring board meeting in San Antonio, TX. I was
impressed at the time and energy that so many volunteers put into the work
of the ICRM as members of committees and project teams. We continue
to sustain many activities while selectively pursuing new initiatives for
the betterment of the RIM profession and the prestige of our certification
as CRAs and CRMs. Thank you to President-Elect Cheryl Pederson for
leading our strategic planning session to add new items and to identify
implementation details for those coming up next. ARMA International
President-Elect Ryan Zilm accepted our invitation to attend board
deliberations for part of our strategic planning. This was a great opportunity
to strengthen our relationship with ARMA as our oldest partner organization
and to identify opportunities to work together. Under Regent Paula Sutton’s
leadership, we expect to have ICRM representation at all ARMA Regional
Leadership Conferences by providing information and materials to CRMs
already planning to attend.
By now you’ve seen the new ICRM logo. This was released in April after a
re-branding effort that began over two years ago and was approved by last
year’s Board. The logo is also registered trademark, as part of protecting
our brand. Special thanks to the Marketing Committee for their work. The
new ICRM sign and table cloth had its first reveal at the MER Conference.
I used them while promoting ICRM certification at the ARMA Canada
Conference in Vancouver held this past May. You should expect to see it in
use at partnership events around the country. These include conferences
for NIRMA, NAGARA, Zoological Registrars Association, Digital Government
Institute, InfoGovCon, and finally on the Expo Floor at ARMA Live in
Anaheim, CA.
I want to recognize the first to be credentialed as Certified Records
Manager/Federal Specialists. After a development effort that began in
2015, we had the first CRMs to earn this new post-certification specialty
designation pass the exam in February. Congratulations to new CRM/FEDs:
Deborah Armentrout, Bruce Bailey, Carol Brock, Elizabeth Christie, Rebecca
Fitzgerald, Michael Fox, Margie Janney, Carolyn Offutt, Cheryl Smith, and
Tammy Strickler. For information about eligibility and applying see: http://
Last year, we established a partnership agreement with AIIM. One of the
benefits to ICRM members is a discount when enrolling for AIIM’s education
and training courses. This discount benefits candidates preparing for exams
along with CRAs & CRMs needing training or CMPs. For the code, please
see our partnership page on the members-only part of our website: https://
There are many opportunities to help with the work of the ICRM. An
initiative proposed by Regent Caroline J. Walters was approved by the
Board and involves CRMs independently writing and submitting Part 6 case
studies in exchange for CMP credit. Caroline will soon provide guidelines
along with the specific template to use in developing case studies, which will
also require a solution summary and grader guide. This is an opportunity for
us to increase the exam test bank with contemporary problems that we as
CRMs face in our professional practice. Look for details very soon.
Finally, the ICRM code of ethics requires all CRAs and CRMs to be mindful
of our fiduciary responsibilities as RIM professionals for the information
held or used in an organization. For some, that means we may transition
to an information governance approach for policy management. RIM
is foundational to that approach and expectations of competence in
information management and ethical obligations as Records Managers
remains vital.
Institute of Certified Records Managers
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