i-SIGMA formed from PRISM/NAID combination.

Published May 9, 2018 by PRISM International

I am very pleased to announce that this morning, PRISM membership voted overwhelmingly to approve a formal combination of our association, PRISM International, with the National Association of information Destruction (NAID). As you know, this vote of PRISM membership was preceded by affirmative votes of the NAID membership, and both the PRISM and NAID Board of Directors.

This combination marks an exciting growth opportunity for both PRISM and NAID. By combining into one powerful, progressive association – i-SIGMA – and yet retaining the proven brands of both PRISM and NAID, members and future members of i-SIGMA will benefit from additional resources, benefits, economies of scale, and joint, progressive leadership. I am excited, thankful and bullish on our collective future.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our task force, who spent considerable time and energy over many years on this combination: Tom Fetters, Michael Fruchter, Tom Seibert, Greg Bullard, Paul Kearns, Chris Kelley and Tom Adams. Thank you for all your hard work; the entire industry will benefit from your time, energy, patience and resolve.

To our existing PRISM members, please continue to do business with PRISM as you have done in the past. Our address, email and phones have not yet changed. We will be finalizing our transition timetable over the next few weeks. Additional information about PRISM and i-SIGMA services and contact information will be provided later in our regular updates to you.

Thank you for your continued support and membership as we navigate these exciting changes together. Our future is bright!

Christopher Jones

Secure Records Solutions

2018 co-Chair, i-SIGMA

Published by NAID on May 9th, 2018

The NAID and PRISM International Boards of Directors are pleased to announce that the membership of both associations has ratified new association bylaws that result in the merger of the two organizations. The merger will combine services to yield a wider range of information management and data protection offerings and services from a single industry association, the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA).

Both NAID and PRISM International will carry on as the primary public-facing brands of the new umbrella organization. NAID members will continue to reference their membership with the current NAID logo, and NAID AAA Certification and the corresponding logo will also remain unchanged.

When discussing this with NAID President, Angie Singer Keating, CISA, CISM, CIPP, CRISC of Reclamere, Inc., she was quick to add that NAID AAA Certification isn’t going away.

“Companies and government entities should rest assured that NAID will continue to stand behind the strength of the NAID AAA Certification program – and PRISM similarly with Privacy+” said Keating “These long-standing programs are platinum standards of the industry and aren’t going anywhere.”

Zeal over the merger is equally shared by newly installed PRISM President, Christopher Jones of Secure Records Solutions who commented, “As a merged entity, we will have a stronger voice with policymakers, regulators, and decision-makers. Together we’ll be able to share resources to help grow our businesses. And combined conferences and events will grow our presence worldwide that serves to reduce member costs. This simply makes sense.”

There will be several months of logistical hand-offs to make the merger complete. An i-SIGMA Interim Board of Directors, formed by the combined NAID and PRISM International boards, will lead the organization until such time as general elections are held in 2020. The current NAID management team will serve as staff for i-SIGMA.

Learn more about PRISM International: http://www.PRISMintl.org
Learn more about NAID: http://www.NAIDonline.org
Review Q&A about the Merger: http://www.naidonline.org/nitl/en/consumer/news/5929.html
Contact the NAID/i-SIGMA Staff: info@naidonline.org

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