5 simple steps to finding out how the social giant sees you


With all the news Facebook as made in recent months, you may have wondered what the social giant thinks (and is sharing) about you.

While it’s easy to find out, it’s impossible to change. We hope one Facebook will allow us to correct inaccurate assumptions. After all, that would be in everyone’s best interest.

Follow the steps recommended in the image (sic), and you’ll not only find out the political affiliation Facebook has assigned to you, but you’ll also learn what some of the other fascinating, eery and perhaps even incorrect things it believes are true about you.

As you post, like, link and friend, keep in mind these sites are logging and analyzing that information. As I shared with the ABC affiliate in Des Moines, the position many of them take with regard to personal data is “If it’s not illegal, we’re going to take it.”

By Rebecca Harold – Privacy Professor


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