Check out what’s new in Gmail Confidential mode

Google’s confidential mode is all about keeping sensitive information safe and secure. It will let users expire a message after a set period of time and remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages.

Confidential mode
Confidential mode

Snooze and nudge features

Gmail promises to help you get more done without leaving your inbox. The new snooze button helps users put off emails that they can’t get to and the “nudge” feature reminds them to follow up and respond to messages.

Gmail's "nudge" feature
Gmail’s “nudge” feature

Smart Reply for web version

If you have the Gmail app on your phone, you’ve probably already used the Smart Reply tool to respond to emails faster. Now it’s coming to the desktop version!

Gmail's Smart Reply
Gmail’s Smart Reply

New security warnings

Email phishing scams are more common than ever before and Gmail is rolling out bigger and bolder warnings to alert you when potentially risky emails hit your inbox.

New Gmail warnings
New Gmail warnings

High-priority notifications and unsubscribe

New features are also coming to Gmail on mobile, like high-priority notifications to alert you of important messages and a tool that will suggest when to unsubscribe from newsletters or offers.

How to try the new Gmail 

These updates aren’t available to everyone immediately, but Google says they will be introduced over the next few weeks.

To get started, go to your Gmail settings from a web browser and select “Try the new Gmail.” If you don’t like it, you can select “Go back to classic Gmail.” Here’s a step-by-step guide.

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