The Art of Invisibility

by Andrew Ysasi, MS It has been a year since The Art of Invisibility was released.  Author Kevin Mitnick, a security consultant and "the world's most famous hacker", released his fourth book early 2017, and it is full of ways to protect ourselves from nefarious characters.  Have individuals and corporations listened?  Not as much as they... Continue Reading →


Federal government debuts data-breach reporting rules

JOSH O’KANE PUBLISHED APRIL 18, 2018UPDATED APRIL 18, 2018 Ottawa has unveiled the final regulations for Canadian organizations who discover data breaches, offering a checklist of steps for those affected, but stopping short of enforcing strict timelines coming into effect next month in Europe. The federal government has been mulling data-breach regulations for three years,... Continue Reading →

Texas Supreme Court Moving Case Files On Microfiche Into the Digital Age AUSTIN (Nexstar) - The Texas Supreme Court recently began a project transferring more than a decade of case files on microfiche to PDF documents, with an end plan of posting them online so everyone can access them at no cost. Blake Hawthorne, clerk of the Texas Supreme Court, said the Texas State Law Library... Continue Reading →

Researcher estimates GrayKey can unlock 6-digit iPhone passcode in 11 hours, here’s how to protect yourself

By AppleInsider Staff Monday, April 16, 2018, 05:23 pm PT (08:23 pm ET)New estimates from a security researcher suggest GrayKey, a digital forensics tool in active use by U.S. law enforcement agencies, is capable of cracking Apple's standard six-digit iPhone passcode in an average of 11 hours. Longer codes, however, could take years to process. Here's... Continue Reading →

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