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Free Encrypted Email Does Exist

Ever wonder how email become encrypted or if this technology is available to you?  Check out ProtonMail. ProtonMail, used by privacy conscience consumers, offers...

DuckDuckGo Moves Privacy Beyond Search With New App And Extension

The privacy-focused company wants to protect users even after they leave the search page.

Data privacy, a growing strategic initiative

The aggregation of new threats, laws and consumer activism makes data privacy a strategic initiative for today’s businesses to adopt as part of their core business operations.

Utah’s attorney general on what to expect from states in 2018

by Divonne Smoyer, CIPP/US and Kimberly Chow, CIPP/US Sean Reyes was appointed to the position of Utah Attorney General in 2013 and  elected to a...

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.

The following is a true story. Or maybe it’s just based on a true story. Perhaps it’s not true at all. It’s been a frantic...

New Technology Reads Ancient Documents without Opening Them

Attempting to open very old books and records without damaging them can be difficult. But scientists in Switzerland say they have improved a method to...