Next Generation Records Management

Looking for a group of likeminded RIM and IG professionals?  Check out Next Generation Records Management Group on LinkedIn.  The group describes itself as:

“The Next Generation Records Management (Next Gen RM) community is an independent group of professionals united in the belief that the Records Management profession is at a critical juncture in its long and distinguished history. While effective information lifecycle management has never been more vital to the success of the organizations we support, advances in technology have created both challenges and opportunities that the industry has never seen before.”

Don Lueders, CRM, CDIA, the group moderator, has this to say about the group:

“#NextGenRM is an organic, vendor-independent movement of like-minded records management professionals interested in leveraging the latest technical innovations to best manage the lifecycle of our customers’ information at a time when traditional records management services have never been more critical to the success of every organization worldwide. The Next Generation Records Management LinkedIn group is a forum for discussion within that movement.”

You can find the group here.

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