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Hackers stole $400 million from cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck

500 Million NEM tokens were stolen

Maersk Reinstalled 45,000 PCs and 4,000 Servers to Recover From NotPetya Attack

Maersk CEO: "We had to reinstall an entire infrastructure"

US Cities Exposed in Shodan

An in-depth analysis of Shodan data reveals how some of the biggest US cities fare in terms of exposed cyber assets, what this means in terms of security, and how home users and organizations can protect their data.

Top Dems call on Twitter, Facebook to investigate Russian bot campaign

BY ALI BRELAND - 01/23/18 11:55 AM EST Top-ranking Democrats in the House and the Senate are calling on Twitter and Facebook to launch investigations of potential Russian-linked...

Inky Johnson to Keynote PRISM International Summit

via PRISM Int'l Don't miss the inspiring and charismatic keynote speaker for the 2018 PRISM International Summit, Inquoris "Inky" Johnson, with his unique athletic talents,...

Montana Becomes First State To Set Its Own Net Neutrality Rules

By Mary Papenfuss Montana just became the first state to establish its own net neutrality rules since the Federal Communications Commission ended the popular policy...

Free Encrypted Email Does Exist

Ever wonder how email become encrypted or if this technology is available to you?  Check out ProtonMail. ProtonMail, used by privacy conscience consumers, offers...

DuckDuckGo Moves Privacy Beyond Search With New App And Extension

The privacy-focused company wants to protect users even after they leave the search page.

Data privacy, a growing strategic initiative

The aggregation of new threats, laws and consumer activism makes data privacy a strategic initiative for today’s businesses to adopt as part of their core business operations.

Utah’s attorney general on what to expect from states in 2018

by Divonne Smoyer, CIPP/US and Kimberly Chow, CIPP/US Sean Reyes was appointed to the position of Utah Attorney General in 2013 and  elected to a...

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.

The following is a true story. Or maybe it’s just based on a true story. Perhaps it’s not true at all. It’s been a frantic...

New Technology Reads Ancient Documents without Opening Them

Attempting to open very old books and records without damaging them can be difficult. But scientists in Switzerland say they have improved a method to...

Next Generation Records Management

Looking for a group of likeminded RIM and IG professionals?  Check out Next Generation Records Management Group on LinkedIn.  The group describes itself as: "The Next...

Forget About Siri and Alexa — When It Comes to Voice Identification, the “NSA...

Ava Kofman via The Intercept January 19 2018, 10:31 a.m. At the height of the Cold War, during the winter of 1980, FBI agents recorded a phone...

The Boards Role in Managing Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity can no longer be the concern of just the IT department. Within organizations, it needs to be everyone’s business — including the board’s.

AHIMA Launches IGHealthRate™ for Healthcare Organizations to Measure their IG Maturity

Use IGHealthRate™, an industry best practice tool for assessing information governance (IG) maturity within your organization and benchmark against others. IGHealthRate™ assists in your...

Search Every Data Breach Since 2005

Sometimes it is difficult to make a case for protecting information.  Despite the number of breaches that have occurred some still feel a breach couldn't...

The Unbreakable Password?

Ever wonder how hard difficult or easy it would be to break your password?  Trying to make a case that your password criteria are...

Information Governance – Still Need It, Always Will


Dealing with Disaster

Despite the frequency and incredible costs of natural disasters, companies do their best to cope

Stop Dragging Your Feet: GDPR Compliance Can Make You More Competitive

A GDPR-Readiness Program With a Unified Governance Foundation Can Increase Productivity While Reducing Costs and Risk


By Tom Spring – January 7, 2018 The race to patch against the Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities disclosed last week is on. As of...

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Destroys

In spite of reports to the contrary, a number of analysts believe AI will open up new job opportunities for those who get the proper training.

Marketers Share Strategies for Twitter’s New 280-Character Limit

By Dom Nicastro | Jan 10, 2018 How is the expanded tweeting character real estate for working out on Twitter? The answer, depends on who you ask. YouGov, a...